Carpet entrance mats

A Carpet entrance mat is an object that stands before the door of a house or building. It has a dual functionality: hygienic, as it allows visitors removed the mud and dirt from the soles of shoes before entering, and aesthetics, it is an important part of decorating a space and serves as the letter of the family or company. In these roles is focused its importance.


Most Carpet entrance mats have a rough structure, since the effectiveness of this depends on its purpose. They are made with sturdy and durable materials such as natural fibers, nylon, rubber and more. Choosing the rigth one depends on everyday use.


The Carpet entrance mats can also become a warm reception, as to be located at the entrance is a way of welcoming visitors, providing a sample of warmth and a great first impression. Therefore, it is usual to carry printed words, greeting messages or samples. Currently, Carpet entrance mats are also customizable for companies as a corporate image advertising or even any graphical representation of the family.


The use of Carpet entrance mats is a simple way to create a pleasant and lasting prelude to all visitors. A little embellishment can make a difference, both in cleaning and in human relations.

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