Scrapper mats

Maintaining cleanliness and neatness especially in crowded places such offices, hotels and residential buildings can be particularly difficult. However, if you have allies like a good barrier system for dirt using entrance mats, this labore will be simplified, saving time and maintenance costs.


For maximum effectiveness of its system of barrier to access areas, it is worth starting from the outside, using Scrapper mats as long as its texture scrapes the soles of shoes before crossing the threshold, thus eliminating the largest particles of dirt at the earliest opportunity. In these situations, Scrapper mats are the ideal solution: a flexible barrier that prevents dirt and dust from entering the building. Furthermore, the incorporation of small granulated particles helps to create a non-slip surface.


Scrapper mats can be used in all types of access areas and is the ideal solution when you need a textile floor at the entrance that can absorb moisture and simultaneously remove the dirt.

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