Fingertips mats

Placing mats in the entry may have several advantages: aesthetic, hygienic and even advertising, as long as it’s possible to print company logo on them. If this mat has to be located at the entrance of a high-traffic area, then you will need to look for an option that offers increased performance.


In these cases, as in the doors of residential buildings, hotels and offices, it is important to have an ally in maintaining the cleanliness of such facilities. Given that most of the dust and moisture entering to buildings through the soles of shoes, having Fingertips mats will help trap dirt and prevent dirty floors.


The fingertips mats has a particular textured finish, because they have tiny fibers that simulate rubber fingers. It is in this area that lies the secret of the effectiveness of fingertips mats, as these are responsible for eliminating  almost completely the dirt and mud from shoes just walking on it, making it the ideal outdoor mat. Fingertip mats are a small investment that will help maintain the cleanliness of its interiors.

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