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If you are looking for a school in Madrid that teaches your child using an academic model that beat expectations and the obsolete systems of public education, then you have to check the program offered by International College Spain.
This is an International School that focuses the lessons on the integral development of the students, giving the first stages of education a concentration in concepts such as: curiosity, questioning, hunger of knowledge, etc. This way the students can think outside of the frame and work out abilities like public speaking, argument building, conservation concepts, understand how the planet works and why do we have to take care of it, and so many other skills (part of the critical thinking process).
It is until the final stages of the educational process in International College Madrid that the students start to learn about sciences, art and social studies. Once they have developed a desire for learning knew stuff and have comprehended why is it important to learn, it is easier to make them internalize concepts in mathematics, new languages, athletic skills, how to play musical instruments, etc. This occurs only because they can understand the importance of what is being taught, instead of memorizing something “because I need to”.

Education during the adolescence:                                        

In this stage of their lives, the students need to know who they are, where they are and also: What position to take against whatever situation is put in front of them. Therefore, during these years the educational concentration is lined up to the critical thinking area, of course, using as a learning instrument the teaching of subjects like basic sciences, communications, basic economics, arts. The students not only learn new things and will boost their previous knowledge, they will also understand how to apply these theories in practical situation: Real life. That ensures that the students will grow as thinking people, with entrepreneurial mindset and with less likely to be manipulated by media or other beings.

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